The Practice of Care: A Provider’s Guide

Personal Injury Claim Resources for Healthcare Professionals

One of the many common goals we share with healthcare providers is helping your patients recover from their injuries. Unfortunately, the insurance companies impose requirements that make it difficult for providers to get paid and patients to get the care they need. Our provider resources blog aims to make the process easier with twice-monthly posts that offer straightforward and practical advice. We welcome your questions and look forward to your comments.

I give Heiling Dwyer Attorneys my highest recommendation for anybody needing help with an injury claim.

“I have patients with injury claims and I deal with their attorneys. Dean and his office always take especially good care of my patients. I have frequently relied on Dean to advise me how to help my patients through the medical-legal process. He is always there for my office and my patients.”

~Scot Bowles, Portland Area Chiropractor

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Top Mistakes Insurance Companies Bank on Your Patients Making

When The Insurance Adjuster Requests Medical Records It’s a common occurrence for the adjuster for the at-fault insurance company to ask your patient to sign a medical records release authorization. Until your patient is medically stationary, this is a bad idea. Here’s the reason why. The at-fault insurance company adjuster will use the medical records

To Write IME Rebuttal Letters, Or Not? That Is The Question.

IME Rebuttal Letters When was the last time you read an Independent Medical Examination (IME) report recommending additional care? After reading the ‘Independent’ report, you quickly see their opinions are not based on reality.  Their conclusions say treatment is “not related to the collision” or ” the patient has made a full recovery,” even though

How Fast Was The Other Car Going?

Determining Speed and Force of Impact For Personal Injury Claims “The other driver was going 45 mph when he hit me.” “My car was totaled.” “It was an incredibly hard impact.” What do these three statements have in common? The patients had no idea how fast the other car was actually going and there was

Finding Hidden Personal Injury Protection Policies

How To Find Hidden PIP Policies Not too long ago we had a client who was crossing the street in downtown Portland. While crossing the road, a car ran a red light and hit our client, causing a compound fracture of their femur, and many other injuries.   We found three Personal Injury Protection policies,

Letters of Protection: How to Know if It’s The Real Deal

Utilizing Letters of Protection What do you do when your patient’s Personal Injury Protection benefits have run out and they still need treatment? Do you stop treating? Do you treat them and hope you get paid? What if they can’t make any payments for your service? It comes down to a balance of treating people

What NOT to Do When Your Patient Refuses to File a Workers Compensation Claim

When A Patient Refuses To File A Workers’ Compensation Claim If your patient was injured in a vehicle collision while on the job, what’s the harm in billing their Personal Injury Protection benefits from their own automobile policy? A lot, for you and for your patient.  I recently had a client call after being injured