Car Accidents - Heiling Dwyer Attorneys

Life is busy enough without being hurt in an accident. Once this happens, there are a lot of problems to solve.

Bicycle Accidents - Heiling Dwyer Attorneys

With more cars and bicycles sharing the road, we are seeing an increase in the number of injuries.

Pedestrian Accidents - Heiling Dwyer Attorneys

If you’re injured by a driver, while walking, jogging or crossing the street, you have a claim against the driver.

In Driving Under the Influence Accidents, consult an attorney ASAP to ensure a proper investigation.

In hit-and-run accidents, the accident must be reported to the police and your insurance company.

In Uninsured Motorist Accidents, you need to file a claim with your insurance company.

Motorcycle Accidents - Heiling Dwyer Attorneys

Motorcycle accidents typically involve more significant injuries than car accidents.

Work Accidents - Heiling Dwyer Attorneys

Injured in an auto accident while driving for work? You may have more than a workers’ compensation claim.

Wrongful Death Claims - Heiling Dwyer Attorneys

You need to deal with the grief and loss. The last thing you need is to wrangle with legal issues.

Claims Against Insurance Companies - Heiling Dwyer Attorneys

There are things you can do that could either help or hurt your claim. How do you know what might help and what might hurt?

Premises-Liability & Dangerous - Heiling Dwyer Attorney Conditions - Heiling Dwyer Attorneys

It’s important not to give a recorded statement until you’ve talked to an attorney; even with the best intention and nothing to hide.

  • Jim and his staff are very professional and are very knowledgeable. We had never before found ourselves in a position with an insurance company that miserably failed to provide timely answers or take responsibility for an collision their insured admitted to causing. We were unable to get answers for... Read More
  • The best thing that happened to me with my Auto accident claim was Pat Reece. I was told by my previous attorney that I would be lucky to get $1 from my claim, if anything. Pat took over my case and changed everything. He actually listened and took the time to see that I was very mislead previously... Read More
  • I have had 2 occasions that Roy Fernandes did legal work for me. In both situations Roy did a fantastic job with positive results. He got the job done. Roy is a pleasure to work with, he is professional kind and courteous. I will recommend Roy wholeheartedly to anyone that may need his help now and... Read More
  • I had the great pleasure of having Jim Dwyer represent me and my daughter a few years back after a car accident, and I was utterly relieved to have someone so kind, smart and trustworthy working for me, so that I could finally relax. When I called Jim, I was unhappy with the lawyer representing me, ... Read More
  • Jim, my attorney, and Stephanie, the legal aide, and Giannini, the administrator, were all execellent service providers. I was able to get help as well as reassurance from the first time I called and even past that, they made sure I wasn’t confused about anything at all. The support you will fe... Read More

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