Sylvia-quoteIn my twenties, I was thrust into the position of managing my grandmother’s affairs after a hip fracture left her unable to return to her home. In the midst of dealing with the sale of her property, structuring finances and planning ongoing care for an otherwise healthy 94 year old, I was confronted by issues that I lacked the experience or objectivity to deal with properly. I realized then that the average person can be quickly overwhelmed when dealing with a confusing legal system.

Someone recommended I speak with an attorney. That brief conversation helped me make the right decisions.

It was soon after that I decided I wanted to do that for others, to guide people through a difficult process towards the best outcome. That desire led me to personal injury law and I’ve found that I enjoy the challenge of helping people navigate the complex claim process.

I do personal injury law because I want to help people through a difficult time in their lives.  I believe that the way I practice law should say something about the profession as a whole.  I think that operating with fairness, competence and integrity helps to influence the perception about personal injury attorneys.

I believe that a sincere concern for the well-being of my clients makes them feel like they have an ally in their efforts toward recovery. And I know that earning my clients’ trust and confidence makes them feel less alone, less exposed, in an alienating and invasive process.

Personal injury claims are about far more than money – they are about health, recovery and learning how to move forward after a traumatic experience. I practice personal injury law because I love to hear that the settlement or award a client receives has helped them tangibly improve their life – sometimes it buys a new bed so they can get a good night’s sleep, massages for continued maintenance or college courses so they can pursue a new career. That helps me sleep better at night, too.


Sylvia was led to practice law through her experiences surrounding her grandmother’s estate, insurance billing and Medicare coverage.

Sylvia started out in criminal law, wanting to help those who were at risk of losing the most precious thing we have – our freedom. In criminal defense, plea negotiations often make a difference between a lengthy sentence and freedom. Each negotiation differed depending on what mattered most to the client and the attorney in negotiation. She came to appreciate the complexity of negotiations, the limitations, and how to recognize when a trial might be the best option.

Over time, she was discouraged by the limited measure of positive results and wanted to shift focus to a place where she could produce better outcomes. In looking for people who shared her motivation, she found Heiling Dwyer.

In her time off Sylvia enjoys hiking, kayaking and going to Blazer games whenever possible.


Sylvia attended Lewis and Clark Law School and graduated in 2005.

Sylvia is a proud member of the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association, the Multnomah Bar Association, and the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon

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  • Didn’t Give Up!

    "I had a car accident April 2014, and even though I have full medical and a great job it appeared I wasn't going to pay all my providers. The main person was my massage therapist. Not only did Sylvia get all providers paid but I received a settlement. The case took 9 months to settle but it was worth the wait. She didn't give up!"