In Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries, Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

PIP is available for treatment of injuries arising from the use of a private passenger vehicle insured by an Oregon policy, so long as the vehicle is not used for wholesale or retail delivery or public conveyance.

The following are situations where PIP is not available:

Injuries resulting from the use of a motorcycle or moped are not covered by PIPTaxi cabs are not covered by PIP. Similarly, injuries to someone using Uber would not be covered by the Uber driver’s policy, when it’s being used as a vehicle of public conveyance.

TriMet is not covered by PIP, and an injured passenger’s personal auto policy will not provide coverage due to the exemption for injuries incurred on vehicles of public conveyance.

Injures arising from the use of a vehicle that is “furnished and available for regular use” of the driver but the vehicle itself is not insured. For example, if a household has a vehicle that is insured and another vehicle that is not insured, the PIP coverage on the insured vehicle will not apply to the uninsured vehicle.

Feel free to contact us if a PIP carrier is denying coverage to a patient. We are always happy to help figure it out, whether your patient is a client of ours or not.

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